Want to know how the Witness dash cam works? Watch this video…

Please note: the zoom function shown is available on the iPhone only

Record the view through your windscreen dash cam

Turn your phone into a Dash Cam. Protect yourself against reckless drivers by using your phone as a dash cam. Also use your dash cam to capture fun moments.

The dash cam that captures everything

The Witness dash cam records the view through the windscreen along with speed, GPS position and G-forces – all in a rolling loop so you don’t fill up the memory with stuff you don’t want.

Pinpoint exactly where it happened

The Witness dash cam records your position on a map showing date, time, speed and heading – everything you might need.
Note: some of these feature do not work with an iPod Touch because it doesn’t have GPS and other capabilities.

Simple to set-up and use

Controls are simple and inutitive. A standard phone mount is all that is needed to install in your car.

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